Thursday, February 7, 2013

Haunted by the living: Famous PK phenomena

Accounts of hauntings are a dime a dozen throughout human history. While most of them feature the same characteristics (e.g., moving and levitating objects and unexplainable noises), not all of them are wrought by the dead. Indeed, experts of paranormal phenomena recognize another case of “hauntings” caused by living people with a unique gift called psychokinesis (PK).

Stanislawa Tomczyk

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A renowned medium, she experienced supernatural activity akin to a poltergeist haunting as a young girl. It was later discovered that she was causing objects around her to move using her mind. She became the subject of many experiments which yielded remarkable results in controlled test conditions. It was found that she could move objects only when she was under hypnosis and under the control of an entity called “Little Stasha.” Her abilities included producing movements even without physical contact, such as stopping a clock inside a glass case and influencing a roulette to turn out the numbers she chose.

Eleonore Zugun

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She became the subject of vicious supernatural activity as a young girl. Her grandmother’s house was showered with rocks one night. Small objects began floating around her. Eventually, her family sent her to a convent, but it didn’t do anything to stop the incidents. She was then sent to a mental asylum but was later adopted by a wealthy benefactor who became witness to objects that levitated, shattered, and disappeared. The haunting later stopped when she reached puberty. Under careful study, it was determined that Eleonore was convinced that she was being attacked by a malevolent entity and is unaware of her abilities. Hers was considered a case of repressed psychokinetic abilities.

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Psychokinetic phenomena do have a lot in common with ghost hauntings. Hence, psychics, mediums, and priests are often called upon to cast light on the mystery. The veracity of psychokinesis has yet to be established, but for those who actually experience and possess it, it cannot be any more real.

James Van Praagh is a renowned psychic medium whose works have opened minds about the various capacities and limits of the human soul and mind. This website provides more details about his work.