Friday, January 18, 2013

The Queensland Australia Cruise Workshop

The Queensland Australia Cruise Workshop is a fourteen-hour program running in March 2013. James Van Praagh and Mavis Pittilla teach participants to blend their minds with the Spirit World.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Communicating through time: Some famous mediums in history

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Mediums have always elicited fear, awe, and reverence all at the same time. Throughout human history, many have called them quacks. They have faced staunch scrutiny and criticism from the academically and scientifically learned. Yet for their supporters, they are people gifted with the ability to reveal answers, and to connect the intangible to the tangible. Indeed, throughout history, many mediums have manifested truly extraordinary capabilities, earning them renown among audiences, their critics, and even their peers. Below are some of them.

Daniel Douglas Holmes

He is known as the most famous medium of all time, well-recognized both for his capability to talk to spirits and his psychic abilities. As an infant, his cradle was said to move on its own, and he has demonstrated acumen in predicting future events. He travelled around the world, conducting séances in public places. In August 1852, he gained fame for defying gravity and levitating.

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The Davenport Brothers

Ira Erastus and William Henry Davenport were born in the state of New York. Their feats included levitating objects and demonstrating their capabilities through physical objects like automatic writing. Some Harvard professors conducted tests and used various forms of restraints but were unable to find scientific explanation for the brothers’ work.

Leonora Piper

Her husband, William James, professor at Harvard and one of America’s greatest psychologists, called her the “the one white crow.” She started her career during a visit with clairvoyant J.R. Cook, whose touch led her into a trance. She later attended a home circle sitting with Cook. She went into a trance and delivered a message to one of the participants, who claimed that it was the most precise message he had received in his years of interest in Spiritualism.

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They are just some of the many mediums who have etched their names in history with their uncanny abilities. Today, individuals like the Jamison twins, John Edward, James Van Praagh, and Sally Morgan, among others, continue their legacy. Through their various works, they share their abilities with the world, offering comfort to grieving souls and hope of life after death.  

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