Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sinister double: James Van Praagh on doppelgangers

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James van Praagh is a well-celebrated psychic and medium whose paranormal experiences became an inspiration for the hit CBS drama Ghost Whisperer. An intermediary between the real world and the other dimension, the esteemed psychic has helped many people uncover the mysteries that have plagued their lives for many years. It’s highly likely that among the subjects he was able to solve is the issue of doppelgangers.

The concept of doppelgangers or evil twins spans a millennium of world literature. Doppelgangers were first imprinted in Jean Paul’s 1796 novel Siebenkas, which set in motion the idea of unbridled twins – one good, one bad, both oblivious to each other’s existence until a fateful riotous encounter.

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Apparently, psychics including James van Praagh would believe that psychicism picks up its own concept of doppelgangers from the German folklore, which regards the concept as a physical reality wherein anyone who has been visited by their ‘personal double’ was in for an impending misfortune like death or illness. While there have been true historical accounts of doppelgangers, to wit Abraham Lincoln, Queen Elizabeth I, and John Donne, the field of biomedicine describes the subject as a ‘visual hallucination depicting a mirror image of oneself.’

Perhaps, the binding and all-encompassing truth about the subject can be found on its influence on one’s philosophical thought. Even if a gamut of philosophical distinctions exists, ranging from Friedrich Nietzsche’s notion loneliness and a want of multiplicity to Sigmund Freud’s The Uncanny, which speaks of a person’s concealed and unconcealed identities, what is truly important is to reflect on what significance does the idea of ‘personal double’ brings into one’s life.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

James Van Praagh Pin it to Win it Contest Ends Today!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

James Van Praagh: Developing the natural sixth sense

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Human beings have an innate desire to know their environment. Death frightens, baffles, and intrigues them because it is inevitable, yet intangible and undeterminable. World-renowned medium James Van Praagh helps wonderers understand death in his book, Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection. Now a bestseller, the book combines Van Praagh’s teachings with the experiences of other people to shed light on life beyond the grave.

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The fascination with the spirit world stems from the human inability to experience death and still “come back” to tell about it. The book explains that all people are born equipped to access the spiritual dimension. The “sixth sense,” or ESP, is the human ability to mentally perceive information that the five physical senses cannot recognize. When a person has a “hunch,” they are in fact using their sixth sense. Thus, accessing the other side is not as impossible as it seems.

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In his book, James Van Praagh teaches readers how to differentiate their thoughts from their inner voice. The latter is the sixth sense which is often dismissed as “wishful thinking” or paranoia. The book goes on to describe that dreams can be pre-cognitive, teaching readers how to interpret their messages. Van Praagh also gives tips on how to alter self awareness and awareness of one’s environment to access and make contact with departed souls. This is particularly helpful for people who have unresolved questions or issues with lost loved ones, and wish to gain closure.

For more tips on accessing and developing your sixth sense, follow this James Van Praagh Twitter page.

Monday, October 1, 2012

James Van Praagh Pin it to Win it Contest!

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