Friday, September 21, 2012

James Van Praagh: Connecting to Spirits Beyond the Grave

James Van Praagh interview with Jeff Rivera on Connecting to Spirits Beyond the Grave.
He is a world class medium who has done readings for everyone from Chelsea Handler to connecting with the spirit of Heath Ledger. Over the last 30 years, James Van Praaghhas created millions of believers out of non-believers. He has authored countless New York Times bestsellers and become the Executive Producer of the hit show, Ghost Whisperer, now in syndication.
I had the opportunity to speak with Van Praagh at length about his message, his answer to common questions people have about spirits and what he says to the naysayers and skeptics.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Announcing the 5 Winners for the James Van Praagh Spirit Blog Contest!!

After much anticipation, the winners for the James Van Praagh Spirit Blog Contest have been announced! Please visit for a full list of all 20 finalists and the 5 winners!

I want to thank everyone who shared their heartfelt stories with me. Each one was incredibly touching and many brought tears to my eyes. It was extremely difficult trying to scale down one from the other considering all were exceptional But, I felt these final twenty demonstrated spiritual lessons which everyone who reads the blogs will be able to relate to from one time on this human experience. I hope these inspiring insights help you.

Namaste, James