Tuesday, May 29, 2012

James Van Praagh: Connecting the living and the dead

"It is the love bond between people which allows me to make the connection between the living and the dead,” renowned medium James Van Praagh says of his job of connecting people with their dead friends and relatives by giving proof of life after death; he does this by pointing out to them definite messages from the unknown.

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On one note, he feels lucky to have served as a channel of healing, comfort, and love when he is able to help a grieving person make contact with a deceased loved one—when sorrow and emptiness turn into peace of mind and certitude, and eventually, closure.

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On another note, as a medium, James not only senses energy but also integrates the slower vibrations of the living world with the faster vibrations of the unknown plane. While he admits that his gift is limited, because he does not see what the future holds, James Van Praagh is certain to point out that a loved one has survived death. To add to that, he firmly believes that surviving death ultimately connotes that there is more to life than the physical one on earth.

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James Van Praagh travels around the world spreading mediumship development classes and helps others decipher the messages of dearly departed ones for those they have left behind. To know more about his works, visit his website: www.vanpraagh.com.

Monday, May 7, 2012

James Van Praagh: Communicating messages from beyond

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James Van Praagh is one of the most famous readers in the world. He is able to create a connection between departed loved ones and those who they left behind. The bond, he says, that makes the connection strong is love – it is able to transcend time and realms, crossing over from the world of the living to the world of those who have already passed on. Through his job, he is able to provide – and experience – healing, comfort, and love. He bridges the gap between two planes of existence and is able to feel the emotions and personalities of the deceased. “If a person was talkative while alive,” he says, “he will come through with plenty to say.”
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James Van Praagh calls himself “clairsentient,” which means that he has “clear feeling.” First, there is feeling, and then seeing, “much like Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Ghost.” He also says that the true essence of the messages is the feelings behind the words, because the spirits communicate through their emotions. These emotions cannot be explained in words, because the sensations are incredibly intense.
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Through the years, James Van Praagh has touched many people with his message of hope and has authored best-selling books, meditation programs, and development videos. He has also taught mediumship classes and conducted seminars to sold-out audiences, and has produced successful television projects. More about his work can be found on his website.