Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Achieving inner calm: James Van Praagh on improving mental discipline

James Van Praagh believes that in today’s modern world, meditation has become increasingly important for most people. Individuals can be seen rushing from one point to another, trying to fulfill everyday duties that never seem to end. When pauses are few and far in between, people are more likely to become overwhelmed and, as a consequence, may eventually start behaving badly.

James Van Praagh Photo Credit: Shannonelhart.com

Learning how to meditate properly trains people to go beyond conditioned thinking and leads their mind into a deeper state of awareness. Given the many methods of meditation, the main goal is still to allow individuals to focus well and gain proper perspective of their own thoughts and feelings.

James Van Praagh Photo Credit: Wordpress.com

In an effort to help, James Van Praagh offers an online course for people who wish to have a better understanding of proper meditation practices. Over the course of eight weeks, interested individuals can learn to achieve a deeper sense of peace through an audio recording from James, readings on a variety of topics, practical applications of learned methods, and an online journal for them to document their progress as well as their experiences.

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Through the online course on meditation, individuals will find themselves attaining a mental discipline that will guide them through even the most difficult situations in life. In addition to this, by attaining a better way to perceive things, people can also learn to understand themselves better and turn their fears into love.

For more information about James Van Praagh’s online courses, visit VanPraagh.com.