Monday, January 9, 2012

James Van Praagh: A journey into the divine

August 23, 1958—James Van Praagh was born in Bayside, New York. Raised as a Roman Catholic, he became a seminarian at the age of 14. Leaving behind his experiences with the divine at a very young age, Van Praagh opted to pursue a course involving his passion for writing. He finished his degree in Broadcasting and Communications from the San Francisco State University and moved to the City of Angels after receiving news that he had been offered a job with the Hill Street Blue show.

From James Van Praagh

Unfortunately, Van Praagh arrived in Los Angeles to discover the promised job was a hoax. He instead got a job as a production runner. It was a co-worker named Carol Shumaker who reacquainted James Van Praagh with his psychic abilities, which he had previously abandoned. Soon, Van Praagh had taken to studying metaphysics to achieve a deeper understanding of the Divine and to demystify the enigma of life and death.

James Van Praagh Photo credit: Dexxus

With his desire to share his spiritual understanding and help people achieve closure from past traumas, Van Praagh has authored several titles including Talking to Heaven: A Medium's Message of Life After Death, Reaching to Heaven: A Spiritual Journey Through Life & Death, and Heaven & Earth: Making the Psychic Connection. He also produced and hosted several shows such as Beyond and Ghost Whisperer.

James Van Praagh Photo credit: Vinothchandar

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